We follow all CDC guidelines and regulations.


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COVID-19 InstaTest

Provides on-the-spot, highly accurate Tests*


Hundreds of thousands of subjects have been tested using the COVID-19 DTKs.

Production Capacity

A production capacity of up to 80 Million units per month will easily cover your test

Phone Numbers


Call for more information.

10-minute Non-Nasal results for under $20 (See Price List Below)

A major weapon in gaining control of the COVID-19 pandemic is mass real-time population testing.

CPT billing code 0002 allows reimbursement billing for administering each test.

Results that take days are essentially useless in contact identification and controlling unintended spreading of the virus

COVID-19 InstaTest uses finger-tip blood, thus lowering risk of infection or transmission during testing

COVID-19 Testing Kits
Order SizeTestsUnit Price Sell Price PackingTot+Fgt
1-Kit 10 Tests/Kit10$21.00$210.00$15.00$225.00
10 + Kits100$20.00$2,000.00$25.00$2,025.00
25 + Kits250$19.00$4,750.00$50.00$4800.00
50 + Kits500$18.00$9,000.00$75.00$9,075.00
100 + Kits1,000$17.00$17,000.00$100.00$17,100.00
250 + Kits2,500$16.00$40,000.00$125.00$40,125.00
500 + Kits5,000$15.00$75,000.00$150.00$75,150.00
1000 + Kits10,000$13.00$130,000.00$250.00$130,250.00
  • GSA Pricing On Request
  • Plus : Packing Kits of 10 Tests+ Freight

COVID-19 Instant Non-Nasal

10-Minute Results with Antibody Profile


Extremely Low-Cost: $21/Test Plus Qty Discounts*


No Mask removal during testing


Available in lots as small as
10 Kits/Package


Follow-up capabilities with advanced Factory Equipment


Part of a National Study with results reported to the CDC


Ideal for large groups by testing before admission

We Check

Every Student, Educator, Hotel Guest, Restaurant Worker, Resort Attendee, Airline Passenger, Convention Attendee, Hospital Worker, Nursing Home Resident…


Prices subject to change with FDA approval To Order for more Information contact us.


With Symptoms

Employees with  COVID-19 symptoms automatically receive combined DTK and 4 Chip M5 testing on-site.

Employees are required to be evaluated by a physician prior to returning to work.


Asymptomatic (afebrile and no respiratory complaints)

Employees with both negative DTK LgM and IgG can return to work with weekly DTK testing

Positive IgM

Employees with Positive IgM DTK only then have COVID-19 antigen chip testing in M5 on-site

If Ag positive, send the employee for medical evaluation and RT-PCR. Employee quarantined until cleared by physician.

Positive IgM is Greater then IgG + Ag

Employees with positive IgM and IgG then have IgM, IgG, antigen, and whole antibody chip testing in M5 on-site.

If either IgM and/or positive COVID-19 Ag, then the employee is sent for medical evaluation and quarantine.

Positive IgM/IgG-Ag Negative RT/PCR

Employees with positive IgM and IgG then have IgM, IgG, Antigen, and whole antibody chip testing in M5 on-site.

If Ag negative, Employee is sent RT-PRC.

If RT-PCR is negative then the employee can return to work.

Positive IgM/IgG-Ag Positive RT/PCR

Employees with positive IgM and IgG Then have IgM, IgG, Antigen, and whole antibody chip testing in M5 on-site.

If Ag negative, Employee is sent RT-PRC.

If RT-PCR is Positive then the employee Is sent for medical evaluation and quarantine.

Combined Qualitative and Quantitative COVID-19 Serology Testing Protocol with RT-PCR


Test All Employees with DTK's on the first day of return to work


Per employee 15-30 minutes. Up to 4 employees at a time.


Testing Administered By local Hospital or Laboratory staff on-site using both DTKs and M5